Blackbridge OFF空间

©2018 Anna Hofbauer, Bianca Regl,

Verlag für moderne Kunst 

authors: Ami Barak, Meta Marina Beeck, Katerina Černy, Bao Dong, Sebastian Gladstone, Manuela Lietti, Carol Yinghua Lu, Lü JINGJING, Clemens Roesch, Matthias SChamp, Paul Smith, Marcus Steinweg, Tim Stüttgen

This publication offers a comprehensive look at the exhibition space BLACKBRIDGE OFF空间’s eight years of operation in the Heiqiao district of Beijing, from 2010 until the demolition of the area in 2017.

It is a collection of texts and images from this time, extending from an overview of the area to the work of the invited artists and the exhibitions they realized in the Heiqiao venue.


540 pages

English / Mandarin

graphic design: Dominik Hruza studio, Vienna

printed by BALTO print, Vilnius

on Munken Kristall 120g/m2

ISBN 978-3-903228-46-7