fotowien, Operngasse Ecke Faulmanngasse

15. & 16.06.2023

Anna Hofbauer, Nikolaus Ruchnewitz

For STREETVIEW, Anna Hofbauer and Nikolaus Ruchnewitz drive up by car, park, and position the Götschmann G 67 P. They then switch on the slide projector and cast images onto the windowless house facade.

In STREETVIEW’s analog projection onto a real existing surface, the artists reverse Google’s process of photographic surveying and street digitization through cameras mounted on cars. The projector, not the camera, produces the image. The house facade is transformed from an object to an image carrier.

Hofbauer and Ruchnewitz discuss the equipment and space required for photographic image production and presentation. Specifically, they focus on public space at the corner of Operngasse and Faulmanngasse in the 4th district. The space includes a facade, permission for a parking lot, a car, and the necessary electricity.

slide projections:

outofspace blue,  6×6 color reversal film, Anna Hofbauer, 2020

Fassade TU, 6×6 b/w reversal film, Nikolaus Ruchnewitz, 2023