windows of d.

short film, digital, 17 min, stereo, 2020

windows of D. starts with images of windows and curtains from inside a workers’ house in Hamtramck. The second chapter shows fences of a typical backside alley, followed by pictures of transit streets in the neighborhood. The film ends with portraits of abandoned workers’ houses in neighboring Detroit, where the windows are barricaded from the outside.

The sequence of pictures is interrupted by short clips of a second that show the editor’s hand putting the mounted slides in place on the light table.

On the soundtrack, the clicks of a carousel slide projector indicate the speed of the picture change. The initial correspondence of action between sound and image dissolves in the course of the film by the superimposition of different speeds of clicks on the audio track whereas the pace of the changing of the slides stays the same.

The photographs were taken during an artist residency in Hamtramck, MI in the summer of 2019.