wo waren wir stehen geblieben… arte y naturaleza

7 b/w contact sheets, 24,3 x 30,5 cm, 2023

wo waren wir stehen geblieben (where were we)… Arte y Naturaleza visits the seven sites of the land art project #ArteyNaturaleza of the CDAN in Huesca, Aragon.

From 1994 to 2009, seven international artists (all of them male) were invited to engage with specific, rather remote sites in the province of Huesca.

In June 2023 I made the round trip to visit the works in their environment and to embed them in 6×9 medium format contact prints.

Artist, title of work and location in order of my itinerary:

FERNANDO CASÁS Árboles como arqueología, 2003. Piracés. Monegros. Huesca

ALBERTO CARNEIRO As árvores florescem em Huesca, 2006. Chopera de Belsué. Huesca

ULRICH RÜCKRIEM Siglo XX, 1995. Abiego. Huesca

RICHARD LONG A Circle in Huesca, 1994. Maladeta. Huesca

SIAH ARMAJANI Mesa de picnic para Huesca, 2000. Valle de Pineta. Huesca

PER KIRKEBY Plan, 2009. Cabañera de la montaña. Plan. Huesca

DAVID NASH Three Sun Vessels for Huesca, 2005. Berdún. Huesca